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There is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the area covered by Britannia Square, Albany Terrace and Stephenson Terrace.  Neighbourhood Watch is a simple idea shared by millions of people in this country.  By sharing information between neighbours and the local Police Team, you can cut local crime.   Confidentiality of email addresses is strictly observed.

Our present scheme aims to have a robust system of communication and support should the need arise. The committee of the Britannia Square Residents’ Association (BSRA) has devised an email system of communication so that everyone in our area can receive information from Neighbourhood Watch from a near neighbour.  You do not have to be a member of the BSRA to participate in Neighbourhood Watch and participation may allow you a discount on your home insurance.  The team member nearest to your home will send you information relevant to our membership area.  The most recent alert concerned a car break in.  The system is two-way and information from residents is valuable in helping the Police limit problems.

Our local Police are also able to advise us on specific matters, for instance:

What to do if a burglar alarm goes off

Beverley Bladen, Community Volunteers Coordinator based at Castle Street, Worcester, advised:
"Regarding the alarm activation question - my advice would be to carefully assess if there are signs of a break in.  If the offender is still at the scene or in the immediate vicinity, from a safe place dial 999 to report immediately.  If possible make a note of any strange cars parked nearby and write down the Vehicle Registration Number.  If it does transpire it is the offender's vehicle, and you see them make off in it, note the make, model, colour and the direction of travel.  Note how many occupants are on board and any descriptions.  Obviously never put yourself at risk.

“If the alarm has been activating on and off for some time and the property appears to be secure, it would be best to make the occupier aware if possible.

"If ever in doubt and not an emergency dial 101 to report and for advice as to what action is needed.

"To recap:

• If you believe it is a burglary in progress, dial 999
• Dial 101 if not an emergency and the bells have been ringing for a long period of time but you suspect there may have been a forced entry.
• Still unsure what to? Dial 101 to report and the operator will advise you accordingly.
• Above all never put yourself at any risk" 

Our local Police Officer PC Mark Broughton regularly attends our Annual General Meeting and other social events to discuss policing matters with residents and answer questions.

Preventing Doorstep Crime

Recently salespersons, unofficially known as 'Nottingham Knockers,' have been visiting homes in Worcester. Residents are urged to be aware that they do not have to open the door to anyone they don't know.

We want you to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of doorstep crime.

Recently residential areas in The Cathedral Ward Policing Area have been targeted by door-to-door salespersons. These 'Nottingham Knockers' as they're known are usually ex-convicts who claim that they are just trying to earn some cash. In many cases this is true, but you must be aware of people selling items door to door and possible risks of opening the door to those who you don't know.


• If you're not sure who is at the door, don't open it.
• If you don't want what they're selling say no.
• Check the identity of any caller. Check who they are by calling the company they work for.
• Ask a neighbour to come around to check them before you open the door.
• Tell them to come back at a time when someone will be at home with you.
• Keep doors and windows locked and use the door chain every time you answer the door.

Rogue traders, pedlars and bogus callers target areas where they may get an easy sale. Don't buy anything from these visitors just to get rid of them as they will keep coming back. If you see anything suspicious or you're not happy with a visitor being at your home please inform your local police by calling 101. In an emergency always call 999.

Local Police information can be found here.

Special 'Smartwater' offer for West Mercia Residents

West Mercia Police has negotiated a special 'Smartwater' supply arrangement for all households within the Force area. Please see below for some product details and an instruction on how to purchase a pack.

You will need to enter the discount code and you will be asked to register your name and address and then you can pay by credit card, or post an order with a cheque.

How Smartwater works:

• Assigns your valuables with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to you
• Makes your home less of a target for thieves
• Can be used on anything from electronic equipment to jewellery
• Easy to apply, only visible under UV light - does not leave unattractive marks or stains
• Proven to work - widely used by the police and feared by criminals
• Gives added peace of mind
• Supplied with signage to warn thieves that your home is protected
• When deployed by police, SmartWater has helped reduce burglary by up to 85%.

How to buy:

Please visit:
Or call: 0800 521 669
Use discount code: WDBCRIME25

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