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Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Proposals

Britannia Square Conservation Area (CA4)
Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Proposals
Adopted by Planning Committee – 14 October 2010
Summary of Special Interest

Britannia Square Conservation Area (4) map
Conservation Area Boundary and Listed Building Grade ll

Worcester County Council
Worcestershire County Highways – Reporting Faults
Report a pothole
Report a street light fault

BSRA AGM 2023 documents
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BSRA AGM 2022 documents
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BSRA Constitution
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BSRA Reference Documents
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Britannia Square area large scale 1886 map
Based on large scale Ordnance Survey (the copyright holder) maps published in 1886, this combined map is a fascinating, detailed snapshot of our area at the time of the survey in 1884.2022-09-27 BSRA committee meeting minutes.doc

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