B-SquOSH Noticeboard

B-SquOSH Noticeboard

Food Bank
A grand collection of food arrived at Anna and Lars' door (19 Albany Terrace) by Friday and they were able to make a good-sized delivery to the Food Bank.  Many thanks to all those who donated food!  Anna and Lars have decided to make this a regular weekly trip, so please continue to take what you can spare and drop at no 19.  Lars is working from home so there much of the time.
You can see a list of what is needed here: worcester.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/

Worcester Wheels
Anyone needing transportation or indeed able to help with transportation please contact 01905 450654   dormston@worcesterwheels.org.uk

General Help and Advice
General COVID 19 related help, information and support can be found at Worcestershire County Council's  Here2Help initiative. www.worcestershire.gov.uk/here2help

Valuable Recommendations
Use the non-dominant hand for doorknobs, transport bathrooms, etc because it is very difficult for you to touch your face with that hand. In Korea they widely spread that premise.

Be careful filling your car with petrol - please use gloves or cover your hand with a paper towel when refilling your car - apparently pumps are a source of spreading the virus.

Amazon is offering free access to books and audio stories for children and students of all ages as long as schools are closed.  https://stories.audible.com/start-listen


Buffet Catering Business - Bakery Worcester Wholesale - run by Sam Barriscale (Aka John Archer from the Archers) owns Ma Baker's Bakery.  They are currently doing home deliveries  (no delivery charge) for people having to self-isolate  Website: www.mabaker.net

Fresh fruit, Veg and Meat
St Peters Garden Centre Worcester is delivering fresh fruit and veg as well as meat - you may need to phone them as it's not all on their website as yet www.stpetersgardencentre.co.uk/product-category/homehelppacks

'Our box collection service will start next week. Orders will be taken each morning starting on Monday 30th March between 9am - 11am for collection the following day. Please call 01905 756490. We will have 2 sizes and the cost will be £10.00 or £20.00. Each box will contain:
2 pints milk
A loaf of bread
6 eggs
2 kg potatoes
The box will then be made up of seasonal vegetables and fruit to the value which you have chosen . All payments must be contactless. No cash will be accepted. Collection will be outside the shop. We also ask for one person only to collect and to adhere to the self distancing rules. We will do all we can to help you and our staff stay safe'
Telephone 01905 756490

Pack It In
Pack it In are now offering home delivery - really good for store cupboard essentials-pasta/flour/dried fruit etc. They have also just started stocking fresh bread.

Roots Farm Shop
Roots Family Farm Shop is now offering a delivery service. 'I have been buying their own bread, fresh organic eggs and lovely ‘COOK’ ready meal range for almost a year now. The farm shop is really well stocked with their organic meat and poultry, fresh fruit and seasonal veg (all really tasty) plus lots of other products-juice/cakes etc.Their online shopping isn’t quite up and running yet but I attach the link to their website so you have contact details, please mention this group when you contact them'. Lucy Stevens

Worcester household waste - Worcester City Council  to keep track of bin collection go to:https://www.worcester.gov.uk/recycling-waste/household-waste

Police have issued a warning about fraudsters taking advantage of the current circumstances – read more here.


For those wanting some exercise Claire from 12 The Moors is offering online yoga (free to any NHS frontline) www.yoga7.co.uk

Gym Workouts and General Exercise
This link has been supplied by Freedom Leisure Gym but is free for you to use and share. Hover over each workout thumbnail to see what kit is required, for many, it is none. Might be good for those with energy to burn! At Home Workouts from Les Mills

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