Britannia Square area residents' response to the spread of the COVID19 virus

B-SquOSH was set up in March 2020 to offer help and support to those isolating at home during the first lockdown and continues to operate as a community group for all those living in our neighbourhood.

We communicate mainly via WhatsApp but also use email and phone. It is a useful means of sharing a variety of information including a daily verse from Angela Lanyon, offers of plants/produce, recommendations of local retailers, tradespersons etc.

Over 60% of households in Albany Terrace, Britannia Square and Stephenson Terrace have joined up, most opting to be part of the WhatsApp group with others preferring email or phone contact.

If you are interested in joining, please contact either:

Ann Cowper on 07724 610529 email: annferrier@gmail.com or
Carol Inman on 07772 210891 email: csinman4@gmail.com

B-SquOSH Noticeboard

The B-SquOSH Noticeboard may be found here.

Angela Lanyon's Corona Verses

Britannia Square resident and local author, Angela Lanyon, has been writing a 'poem of the day' for B-SquOSH about the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. The collected verses may be found here.

Forthcoming Events

Street Spring Clean 2024

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More details about Fisher German services particularly relevant to residents of the Britannia Square area may be found here.

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