Britannia Square area residents' response to the spread of the COVID19 virus

In response to the circumstances created by the spread of the COVID19 virus, local residents Ann & Richard Cowper and Carol Inman have set up a community self-help network. Set out below is the text of the flyer distributed recently to all households.

'I am a local resident of Britannia Square (No 20) and with my husband, Richard, and Carol Inman of 4 Stephenson Terrace, we wish to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it through this time of Coronavirus crisis. We would also like to ask - if you are fit and healthy - whether you are willing to help too. There will be residents who are having to self-isolate and may need help with shopping and other requirements, or even just a friendly face at the window or voice on the phone.

We have set up a WhatsApp group and an email group for those who wish to be included, either to ask for help or to offer it. Please contact myself, or Carol, to let us know if you would like to be included on either of the above, or indeed if you would like to be contacted on the phone during the coming weeks if you are not an internet user.

Our aims are to:
a) Set up a local Britannia Square Area (including Stephenson and Albany Terraces) WhatsApp, mobile and email self-help group;
b) Offer to help collect and deliver food and other essentials for those who might require it;
c) Offer to collect and deliver medicines for those who need them; and
d) Offer to provide a friendly voice on the phone or through the door, where necessary and helpful.

If you can think of any neighbours who might be vulnerable and who might not reach out,could you let us know so we can make an extra effort to contact those people.

We would be very grateful if you could respond as soon as possible with ideas and an offer of help, or if you would like to be a recipient of such help.

Thank you very much
Ann and Richard Cowper & Carol Inman

Ann Cowper on 07724 610 529 email: annferrier@gmail.com or
Carol Inman on 07772 210891 email: csinman4@gmail.com

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