Britannia Square Historical Images Project

Project aims

The aim of this project is to gather as many photographs of our area as possible and to make them available on our website, for reference purposes and for the interest of residents. Additions will be made to the collection as they become available and as time allows for administrators.

Information about photographs

This is the key to information attached to images:

Origination date
Contributor / Source
Copyright Holder
BSHIP Number

If you have more accurate or extra information about the photographs included, please contact us, so that details about the content can be refined and improved. Please quote the BSHIP number in correspondence.


We would welcome contributions of photographs. If you have a photograph which you would like to share, please contact us. What constitutes a 'historical image'? Photographs do not need to be of a particular age or quality; snap-shots and images of people, buildings and events are all welcome.

We would like to thank current contributors, who include:
Sheena Payne-Lunn (Worcester City Council Historic Environment Record)
The Changing Face of Worcester project

We hope to include contributions from Clive Collings, Beverly Schofield and RGS Springfield in the future.

Attributions and Removals

Wherever possible, we have tried to include copyright information and sought copyright releases where necessary. However, should you wish to claim the copyright of any of the images, please inform us and the images will be correctly attributed or removed. Should you object to the inclusion of a particular image for any other reason, please send details (quoting the BSHIP number)  so that it can be removed.

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