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Christmas Carols and Party 2018

Sunday, 16 December 2018 18:00 until Sunday, 16 December 2018 20:00

Come to our Christmas Party at RGS Springfield from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Please bring and share Christmas food and we will provide wine and soft drinks for a donation.

There will be carol singing around the piano with lots of well-known tunes so that everyone can join in. Everyone is welcome and please bring your families and friends who are with you on the day. If you are new to the area, you are especially welcome.

BSRA Committee


Thank you to everyone for contributing to and attending the highly enjoyable Christmas Carols and Party at Springfield on Sunday. There were about forty residents and friends, including some new and new-ish neighbours who hadn’t attended our events before. It was a pleasure to see everyone and we hope that you all had fun.

John Ball was our 'Master of Ceremonies' this year – thanks to John for keeping the running order on track and, as always, for organising the fantastic bar.

We were very lucky indeed this year to have Tamara and Natasha Enthoven as our piano accompanists. Particular thanks are due to Tamara for arranging the performance, encouraging the children to perform 'Jingle Bells' (wearing reindeer antler headgear!) and creating space in the programme for Honor Needham to perform a lovely Egyptian themed piano piece. John Ball, Robin Dallaway and Bryan Neville-Lee sang as our traditional Three Kings and Angela Lanyon’s storytelling and readings, with a Christmas gift list theme, was a lovely highlight.

We had wonderful food and drinks – thanks to you all for your delicious contributions.

Here are some photographs, taken by Claire Dallaway.
The text of Angela's reading can be found below.

Christmas poem 2018

by Angela Lanyon

Eight weeks to Christmas,
And I’d better make a list
If things aren’t down in black and white
They’re likely to get missed.
A note to sort out Auntie Kay,
Will Robert bring his squeeze?
And I’ll prioritise the baking
To fill up the deep freeze.

Seven weeks to Christmas
Now you say you’d like a change?
But I’ve already ordered turkey,
Organic and free range;
There’s beef and ham and chutneys
And pickled walnuts too,
Although there’s some still lurking
That you never did get through.

Six weeks to Christmas
The shops are full of gunge
To find the perfect present
I’ve got to take the plunge
The grandchildren need something more
Than endless festive socks -
A largish cheque, a little gift
In a pretty Christmas box.

Five weeks to Christmas.
And by some ghastly oversight
I’ve missed the date for surface mail
For cards I meant to write.
Some E-things rife with robins
I’ll send to foreign friends,
And promise - in the coming year -
I’ll try to make amends.

Four weeks to Christmas
Now it’s time to put the lights
Along the hedge and up the tree
To brighten up the nights.
You said you’d left them tidy -
Not in a tangled lump -
No, I haven’t time to sort them out
Just take them to the dump.

Three weeks to Christmas…
And I need to get ahead
And clear things from the spare room
So I can find the bed.
The clothes from summer holidays
Were never packed away
The sort of job you put aside
To do another day.

Two weeks to Christmas
And it’s time to dress the tree -
Trendy or traditional?
Right, leave the choice to me.
There’s balls and baubles from the past
Things that we’ve had for years
Unlocking distant memories
That bring us close to tears.

One week to Christmas
There’s the Christmas cake to ice -
It’s soaked in loads of alcohol
At fourteen proof per slice,
The pudding’s marinated too
It’s soaked right through the tin
The mincemeat fortified with fruit
From homemade damson gin.

Two days to Christmas…
Collect the turkey day.
The beds to make,
The sprouts prepare
And rubbish cleared away.
I wish I felt on top of things
But with presents still to wrap -
Sophisticated, super-cool
No, I’m in a desperate flap.

Two hours to midnight
And all the chores are done,
There’s mince pies on the mantelpiece
For Santa’s sure to come.
In a vaguely alcoholic haze
I wait for Christmas chimes
Dreaming of the future
And remembering past times.

364 days to Christmas
I need to start a list!

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