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Summer Party – Celebration of The Coronation of King Charles lll

Sunday, 07 May 2023 12:00 until Sunday, 07 May 2023 16:00

BSRA SUMMER PARTY – Celebration of The Coronation of King Charles lll
Sunday 7th May 2023, from midday

Britannia Square Residents’ Association would like to invite you to celebrate our new King!

With thanks to Laura Brown, Head of Springfield, please join us in the school grounds for an afternoon of fun & games for all the family.

Wear your best coronation attire, bring a bottle, some picnic food to share, lay down your blankets and enjoy the festivities!

With prizes for the best dressed house and best handmade crown for the children, we very much hope you can join us on the 7th May, come rain or shine!

Thanks you for understanding... Please leave dogs (except guide dogs) at home. Please bring your own non-glass drinking glasses with you. Children must be accompanied. Please help by taking rubbish home with you.

The afternoon in pictures...
Photographs coutesy of residents.
Below the photographs – Angela Lanyon's Summer Coronation Party readings.

Angela Lanyon's Summer Coronation Party readings

Harriet the helper

Harriet always was a goer
Dashing ere and dashing yon,
No on ever had to tow her,
Just a hint and she was gone. 

Harriet drove her family crazy
Always rushing here and there,
No one ever called her lazy,
Harriet always did her share. 

Harriet was her boss’s treasure
Every task she did with ease,
‘Thank you, sir, it is a pleasure
All I am to do is please.’ 

Harriet with her good intentions
Got on all her neighbour’s wick
And if anyone ever mentions Harriet,
it’s enough to make me sick.
Harriet, wretched Pollyanna,
Always cheerful, had to go,
Said her Mum, ‘I’ll chuck a spanner
In her works, I’ll have you know’
Harriet’s Mum was busy scheming,
‘Take Dad’s car if you’ve a date,
He’s in bed and safely dreaming,
Just take care, and don’t be late.’ 

Harriet, bright eyed and beaming
Climbed into her father’s jag,
Hair all brushed and high lights gleaming
Make up in her special bag.

‘Goodbye, Harriet,’ said her mother
As she watched her drive away,
‘Now we’ve shot of all your bother,
And insurances will pay. 

Harriet didn’t make excuses
When through the hedge she gaily sailed
Ending up with cuts and bruises
Wondering why the brakes had failed. 

Harriet’s mother, aggravated
That her plans had gone awry
Thought she’d bide her time and waited
Till she could have a second try. 

Harriet, street wise, keen on making
Most of all that came her way
Packed her bags, her passport taking
Went to live in the U.S.A.  

Golden Jubilee Poem

This is our Golden Jubilee
And we shoul cheer  and praise
The foresight of the Residents
Who gathered in those days.  

Fifty years ago tomorrow
In Thirty-seven – over there,
Several people got together
To save Britannia Square, 

There was talk of redevelopment
They might have pulled it down
Erected several high rise blocks
Convenient for town. 

The only residential square!
An architectural gem!
Now it’s a conservation area
Which soon put paid to them. 

We’ll see off naff improvements
The City council  dream,
That’s we have an A.G.M.
So we can let off steam.

Parking, first on the Agenda
This year, last year, from the start
Coaches? However did they manage
Deliveries by horse and cart? 

When the Residents get together
They enjoy exchanging news
In formation, lots of gossip,
Many have divergent views. 

There is one thing we’re clear about
A view that we all share
How lucky that we have a home
In Britannia Square  

Poem  for  King Charles 

We have a King, a man of peace
Who’s known to talk to flowers
Derided for his foolishness
His ideas were ahead of ours, 

He sees the world as a hologram
Each creature in its special place.
An interdependent entity
Hanging like a pearl in space. 

WE know he has his little quirks
Like fountain pens that splitter
But he’s no longer regarded
As a dendrocentric nutter. 

He’s trouble with his family
A wayward brother, half baked son,
The one corralled in Windsor park
The second cut and run. 

He aims to slim the monarchy.
No longer he’ll provide
Houses for non working royals
Who choose to step aside. 

He is a sovereign for our times
Recycle it, Repair the planet Earth,
and make communities
Which all of us to share

© Angela Lanyon 2023

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