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Christmas Carols and Party 2019 *PLEASE NOTE - CHANGE OF VENUE*

Sunday, 15 December 2019 18:00 until Sunday, 15 December 2019 20:00

Come to our Christmas Party at United Reformed Church, Albany Terrace from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A CHANGE OF VENUE.

Please bring and share Christmas food and we will provide wine and soft drinks for a donation. There will be carol singing around the piano with lots of well-known tunes so that everyone can join in.

Everyone is welcome and please bring your families and friends who are with you on the day. If you are new to the area, you are especially welcome.

BSRA Committee


Thank you to everyone for contributing to and attending the highly enjoyable 2019 Christmas Carols and Party, which was held this year at the United Reformed Church in Albany Terrace, which kindly allowed us to use their facilities. Thank you to all at the church.

There were about forty residents and friends, including some new and new-ish neighbours who hadn’t attended our events before. It was a pleasure to see everyone and we hope that you all had fun.

Robin Dallaway was our 'Master of Ceremonies' this year – thanks to Robin for keeping the running order on track. Thanks too to John Ball for organising a fantastic bar.

Our piano accompanist this year was James Jarvis, who performs with the Worcester Male Voice Choir. Our thanks to him for his excellent renditions of old favourites and for his incidental music during intervals. John Ball, Robin Dallaway and Bryan Neville-Lee sang as our traditional Three Kings, Bryan Neville-Lee performed 'The Boar's Head' and Angela Lanyon’s storytelling and readings, with a Christmas visitors theme, was a lovely highlight.

We had wonderful food and drinks – thanks to you all for your delicious contributions.

Another benefit of having the church for our venue was the amazing sight of huge pile of beautifully wrapped gifts, resulting from the annual Christmas Shoebox project in aid of Maggs Day Centre, in the church awaiting delivery.

Here are some photographs, taken by Claire Dallaway.
The text of Angela's reading can be found below.

Christmas Visitors

by Angela Lanyon

What shall we do about Christmas?
We’ll have all the family to stay.
It’ll be A TIGHT FIT. If we juggle a bit,
Where there’s a will there’s a way.

In your dreams are smiling faces
Gathered round the festive board,
Brace yourself for an invasion
By a famished, thirsty horde.

Grandpa’s busy in the cellar,
`Just checking wine for Christmas Day’
Disappeared? He’s galivanting
In the pub across the way.

Gemma brings her rescue whippet
`Darling, he’s a touch neurotic,
Needs a special diet, don’t worry,’
All of it is probiotic.’

Michael’s youngest, such a treasure,
Bored with nothing much to do
Goes exploring in the tool-shed,
Sprays the dog with super glue.

Sylvia has just gone vegan,
Seeing meat will turn her green,
Sits apart at Christmas dinner
Eating beans behind a screen.

Phil has brought his latest girlfriend,
Silver nails and purple hair
Lies in bed each day till lunchtime
Says she’s nothing smart to wear.

Great Aunt Alice always willing,
¬Anything that I can do?’
When asked to help with mince-pie filling
Shuts herself inside the loo.

Father’s cousin, hard of hearing,
Full of existentialist gloom,
Asked to join a game of scrabble
Rushes, crying, to her room.

Mike and Bella, new come neighbours
Asked for drinks on Christmas Eve,
Bores us rigid with with the wonders
All their relatives achieve.

Teen age boys are such a handful
Music pounding night and Day
Trainers scattered like confetti
Outsize bodies in the way.

Veggies ready, glasses shining
Golden turkey set to rest,
While we’re having pre-meal drinkies
The cat has savaged half the breast

Hail the conquering horde’s departing,
Stand and wave them from the door
Turn and face the total chaos,
Rubbish strewn on every floor.

Christmas is a time for families
Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears,
Precious memories set forever
In the story of our years

© 2019, Angela Lanyon,

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